I paid for a workshop but wasn't able to attend.  What are my options?

Please read our refund policies here.  Unfortunately, we can't grant refunds after the 4-week deadline, but you can apply all or part of the amount you paid to another ACBE workshop within 2 years of the workshop you missed.

To enroll with a tuition credit, please email office@acbe.com.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We aren't able to offer financial assistance at this time, but please take advantage of our early enrollment and class package discounts!

I want to take the BABE Course.  Can you tell me if I meet the eligibility requirements?

Please submit your application here.  Our reviewers are very thorough and will let you know if you need to take any prerequisites before attending BABE.

After I take the Birth Doula Workshop, can I call myself a Certified Doula?

Our Birth Doula Workshop is the first step towards birth doula certification.  We provide the best possible training foundation for you to begin your certification journey, but your certification will be