BABE Childbirth Educator

Online Recertification

Even if your employer does not require it, ACBE requires recertification every three (3) years to maintain your CCE credential.

Please allow for a processing period of two (2) weeks after submission.

Step 1

Complete one of the 3 options indicated below.

Option A

Cost: $90

Complete fifteen (15) contact hours (CEUs) in a three-year period directly related to childbirth education.

Submit a list to which includes

  1. The title of the presentation
  2. The instructor's full name
  3. The total number of contact hours

Option B

Cost: $90

Submit three (3) book reviews of current books relating to childbirth education (must be 1-2 pages, typed, with good grammar and spelling) AND a case study of a challenging class situation (describe the problem or situation and how you dealt with it).

Send your book reviews and case study to

Option C

Cost: $145

Attend 1 day of an in-person BABE Course.  For recertification, you will need to attend the first or second day of the full 3-Day BABE Course, OR attend the full day of the 1-Day Accelerated BABE Course.  Click here to view upcoming BABE workshops.

By choosing this option, you will also receive a brand new BABE manual.

Please include your name with all submissions.  Payment options can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

Send your current childbirth class outline as an email attachment to

Click the button below to view and download an outline form. (Link will open a new window.)

Use this form to list the topics that are taught in your one day class or weekly series of classes.  If your outline already follows this format—including the objectives and methods of presentation—you may copy and send it as is.  Otherwise, use our provided form, making additional copies as needed.

Step 3

Submit the application form below.

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Step 4

Select a payment option.

Pay online by debit or credit card:

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Pay by check or money order:

Make check/money order payable to Academy of Certified Birth Educators

Mail to: 15385 S. US 169 Hwy, Suite 16, Olathe, KS 66062

Payment must be postmarked within 10 days of application submission.