The BABE Course

(Birth And Beginnings Education)

The BABE Course is a certification class for childbirth educators.  Participants will be guided through a variety of teaching methods and will learn how to adapt course content to meet the unique needs of the childbearing family.

This course is designed for healthcare professionals, attendees of past ACBE or ACBE-approved birth doula and childbirth education workshops, and others who qualify based on education or experience as determined by our review committee.


Both the full 3-day BABE Course and the Accelerated BABE Course are approved as continuing nursing education activities through the California Board of Registered Nursing.

The 3-day BABE Course is approved for 19.5 continuing education hours (CEUs) total, or 6.5 hours per each day of the workshop.  CEP#9357.

The 1-day Accelerated BABE Course is approved for 6.5 continuing education hours.  CEP#9357.


You are eligible for the BABE Course if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Registered nurse (currently licensed)
  • Graduate of a higher education institution with a degree in a health-related field
  • Attendee of a past ACBE or ACBE-approved birth doula or childbirth education workshop


  • You may qualify by experience.  Qualification by experience is determined on an individual review basis by our registration committee.  Please contact for details.

The 3-day ACBE Birth Doula Workshop may be taken as a prerequisite for the 1-day Accelerated BABE Course.


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Certification Renewal

Our 2018 certification renewal packet can be downloaded here.

Recertification is required every three (3) years from the original certification date, and is mandatory to maintain your CCE credential regardless of the requirements of your employer.  You are individually responsible for maintaining your certification.