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The BABE Course

(3-day Program)

Certification Requirements

  • Course Attendance - Participants must attend all three days of the course.  Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Certification Exam - A certification examination will be given on the final day of the course.  The exam consists of multiple choice and short answer questions, and all materials in the exam will be covered during the 3-day course.
  • Teaching Presentation - Prepare a 5-minute presentation about a topic related to childbirth education.  You will be asked to present your topic in a simulated teaching environment on the last day of the course.
  • Curriculum Outline - If you are currently teaching, please bring your course outline with you to class, especially if you plan to update or revise the content.  If you are not teaching, you will learn how to create your outline in the class.
  • Three (3) Book Reviews - Choose 3 books from the recommended reading list.  Write a 1-2 page review for each of the three books that you have read.  If you complete your book reviews prior to the beginning of the course, please submit them to our office by email, fax, or mail.

· Give a brief overview of the information covered in each book

· Discuss how the ideas and philosophy expressed in the book compare with your own

· Explain how the information has affected you and will influence your teaching

The first three certification requirements will be completed within class time.

Participants may send their book reviews and curriculum outline to our office via email, fax, or mail after taking the course.

After completion of the course, any remaining requirements should be submitted for review within 60 days of the final course date.  If you are unable to meet the 60-day deadline, please call our office to discuss an extension.

Failure to finish all requirements in the given timeframe without an extension will require you to retake the entire course at full registration cost to become certified.

Please read about our registration, payment, and cancellation policies here.  Email office@acbe.com with any questions.