Birth Doula Training Workshop - 3 hr Breastfeeding Class - July 12, 2012 (1 day)
Denver, CO(Breastfeeding Designed for Doulas and Health Professionals)
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The Breastfeeding Workshop:

Time: 5-8pm

Breastfeeding offers numerous benefits for both the mother and the baby. This course provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding, initiation of breastfeeding, breastfeeding positions, Baby-led Latch, preventing problems, the partner's role and much more.

This course meets the 3 hour Breastfeeding class requirement for DONA International for Birth Doula Certification.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Anatomy of the breast
  • Birthing practices
  • Initiation of breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding challanges
  • Baby-Led Breastfeeding
  • Community resourcees
  • Breastfeeding referrals